Friday, March 5, 2010

Scat Virgin

I am 37 years old European gay, but living in Los Angeles, CA. I am 5'7" and 140 lbs with 6 inches uncut cock.

Whenever I mastrubate over the past few years I imagine being forced to do all kind of freaky and perverted things to a real man or group of men. Lately my wild mind I imagine being abused and degraded in front of some guys, who may just want to be present because they want some free buzz while kicking back. Just picturing myself being forced to be the doormat for anyone to wipe their boots or sneakers at, maybe stick them into my mouth or into my ass to stretch the holes for the upcoming nasty games.

Wouldn't every real man love the idea of trying out their darkest ideas that you may not be able to realize with their wives, girlfriends, boyfriends...

Imagine to come over to my place all sweaty and ripe and just kick back, while having the fag to remove your shoes, bring you a cold beer, drink your piss, lick every inch of your body, sit on his face to watch TV or talk to your buddies, make me your toilet to shit in...

I have never done the scat, except sniffing my own ass or deepthroating a cock that has just fucked me... I have tried to lick and kiss my own turd, but that is it. Now I want MORE, but I know that only a total selfish man will be able to make me go through even if I want to back out. With knowledgable, but agreessive training that kind of alpha dog can make me to be addicted to eating his shit. Then you may decide to whore me out & let me become a public human toilet.

Here I have some material that I have received from fellow pigs and it is exactly how I am hoping to be degraded in the near future.

Now I need to get off and post some ads on Craigslist and